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Flower Curl® FAQs

  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship WORLDWIDE from the United Kingdom. Please make sure you are shopping on the correct website: USA & Canada: UK, EU & Rest of the World:
  • What's the difference between the Flower Curl & Waver Bun?
    The Flower Curl is a heatless hair curler and can be used to create different hair curling results: loose / soft / voluminous curls - depending on how you use it. The Flower Curl will also give you longer lasting hair curling results. We receive so many comments from our customers telling us that their hair usually never holds a curl but with the Flower Curl, the curls last so much longer - and it is true, they do last longer. The Waver Bun is a great hair tool for bed, workouts or for when you simply need to put your hair up. Instead of putting your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail, wrap your hair in the Waver Bun, this keeps your hair free from damage and breakage and when removed, you can also achieve beautiful waves, which we think is an extra added bonus! The Flower Curl and Waver Bun bundle is our second best seller (after the Flower Curl)
  • Why Satin and not Silk?
    Both the Flower Curl and Waver Bun are coated in satin. A very gentle material for your hair which helps tame frizz, dryness, breakage and unnecessary friction. The satin also helps ensure a smooth unravelling process revealing silky soft curls / waves when removed. Why Satin and not silk? Silk is actually a much easier fabric to work with when it comes to making products. We debated over these two fabrics for quite some time and after much research we decided to go for satin mainly because the process does not involve any cruelty to animals. Silk is typically obtained from silk worms however these worms don't pass the pupal stage as they are boiled or gassed alive inside their cocoons. About 6,600 silkworms are killed to obtain 1kg of silk. (info from Satin is a man made strong material made to last. You can use our hair tools over and over again for many years to come.
  • Do you accept Flower Curl returns?
    Please read our Refund and Return policy here.
  • Hair Length Guide for the Flower Curl
    The Flower Curl is suitable for women with: ✓ bra strap/armpit length hair ✓ mid back length hair ✓ waist length hair
  • Is the Flower Curl suitable for both fine and thick hair?
    The heatless hair curler is suitable for both fine and thick hair. The 4 ring version is best suited for women with fine to medium thick hair whilst our Flower Curl 5 ring version is perfect for women with very thick hair.
  • Can I achieve different hair curling results with the Flower Curl?
    Yes you can! It all comes down to how you use the curler and how long you leave the heatless hair curler in. For soft curls, use the Flower Curl on completely dry hair For defined, bouncier curls, we recommend adding a bit of water to dry hair before wrapping.
  • Can I use the Flower Curl on wet/damp hair?
    We recommend to start off with completely dry hair. With so much misinformation online, we understand that it can be hard to know what's best when it comes to hair care. We have done extensive research and tested countless techniques and found that if you go to bed with wet/damp hair, there's a very good chance that your hair will not dry properly, you will also wake up with more frizz, dryness, breakage and split ends - which I'm sure we all want to avoid. Our hair tools are also coated in satin which is a non absorbent material. This means that any hair oils sitting on your hair will not be transferred to the product. This also means that if your hair is wet or damp, your hair will simply not dry properly. Here are some tips: 1. Start off with completely dry hair 2. For longer lasting curls and more definition to your curls/waves, we recommend applying a little bit of water to the length of your before wrapping. Your hair shouldn't feel wet or damp. A little bit of water goes a long way.
  • Is the Flower Curl comfortable to sleep in?
    Yes! Unlike other heatless hair curler or DIY hair curling methods, the Flower Curl does not sit around your face and it doesnt cover your ears - this is what's going to allow you to sleep comfortably and roll from side to side without feeling discomfort.
  • How long will it take me to wrap my hair in the Flower Curl?
    The amount of time it takes to set the Flower Curl in your hair, depends on the length of your hair and which Flower Curl option you go for. It is by far one of the quickest hair curling technique out there and this is one of the reasons the Flower Curl was invented. The more you use the hair curler, the quicker you get.
  • Is the Flower Curl suitable for kids?
    Yes, the Flower Curl is suitable for kids aged 7+. Make sure you check size of scalp against the hair curler to see which hair curling option is most comfortable for the child.
  • How do I secure my hair in the Flower Curl?
    Option 1: Secure with hair grips supplied. 1. Wrap hair around the ring 2. Leave a long-ish tress before reaching the end and insert the first bobby pin 3. Wrap remaining tress and insert second bobby pin 4. Secure finished ring on top of the scalp with a couple of bobby pins. Option 2: Secure with claw clips (can be purchased separately.)
  • How long do I need to leave the Flower Curl in my hair to see results?
    Flower Curl: It depends on your natural hair structure and how curly you'd like your hair to turn out. Some customers leave the hair curler in for 3 hours during the day to achieve loose curls, others like to leave it in overnight for more defined and longer lasting curls. Experiment with the curler and see what works for you.
  • Is it difficult to remove the Flower Curl in the morning?
    No, it is not difficult to remove and you'll be waking up excited every time you use the heatless hair curler! The Flower Curl is coated in satin fabric which makes the unravelling process super smooth and easy!! Your hair will simply slide off with ease, no tangling and zero damage!
  • Will the Flower Curl work on wigs and hair extensions?
    The hair curler will work on human hair wigs and human hair extensions.
  • How do I contact Cordina Hair?
    You can get in touch with us here.
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