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Drinking Water Boosts Hair Growth in Just One Week!

Many of us don't drink enough water and most of us confuse thirst with hunger when your body actually needs more fluid. When you feel thirsty, that's a sign that you're already dehydrated. Ideally, you should be sipping water throughout the day, but many of us only drink enough water to satisfy our thirst.

How much water should you drink per day?

There has been many studies as to how much water you should be drinking per day. This also depends if you live in a hot country or whether you work out a lot but generally speaking women need around two litres of water per day which is equivalent to four small 500ml bottles of water and men need about three litres per day which is equivalent to six small 500ml bottles of water.

Are you drinking enough water? If you enjoy your cups of teas and coffees, these also contribute towards your water intake. (Yey! Just don't overdo it with the caffeine.)

Yanika Cordina water boosts hair growth

How does drinking more water boost hair growth?

I decided to take on a 30 day two litre water challenge, and within the first week of drinking two litres of water per day, my hair already grew 2cm longer, which I think is rather amazing, considering that hair usually only grows about 1cm per month. Results may of course vary from person to person, however, I do feel that my experience was a positive one.

> An adult's body is made up of 50-65% water. When you drink enough water, you're helping your body to function properly and efficiently whilst getting rid of toxins in the process.

> Water stimulates nerve endings on your scalp which help make your roots more active, thus increasing hair growth.

> When enough water is in your body, nutrients are absorbed and distributed throughout your body much easier. Your scalp will benefit from these essential nutrients that are the key to healthy and beautiful hair.

> The condition of your hair improves, becomes more hydrated, softer and stronger.

> If you suffer from dandruff, flaky scalps and thinning hair, drinking more water helps reduce this.

Yanika Cordina 2 litre water bottle

Monitoring your daily water intake

I have counted glasses, marked bottles with numbers and made a note of how much water I drank but I still felt that there must be a better way of monitoring my daily water intake. I bought the 2.2 litre water bottle in blue. It really has made my water daily intake challenge so much easier!

No more cheating or confusing the number of glasses I've had in a day. The water in the bottle had to simply all go within a day.

Drinking water not only improves your hair quality and increased hair growth but it does of course improve your health in general.

What are the benefits of drinking enough water?

> Helps you stay slim. If you would like to increase your metabolism, start your day with a hot cup of water and a squeeze of lemon.

> Energy Booster. Water is essential for your internal organs to function properly. If you're hydrated enough at all times, your organs don't have to work as hard and in return you will feel less drained and more energised! So, if you're always feeling tired, it's maybe because you're not drinking enough water.

> Water reduces lines, wrinkles and hydrates your skin. It also improves circulation and flushes out toxins and impurities. If you want to feel and look younger, start drinking more water!

> Water treats headaches and migraines. 85% of our brain tissue is made up of water, so if you're not drinking enough you may get frequent headaches.

> Improves concentration, focus and memory. Water makes you feel more aware, awake and a lot more focused. Your short term memory is also improved.

> Prevents kidney stones, improves digestion and constipation. Water dilutes the salts and minerals in urine. If your water intake is low, these form into painful solid crystals known as kidney stones. Water also helps break down food much easier, increases metabolism and promotes regular bowel movements.

> Muscle toning. Staying hydrated during exercise, will help you exercise longer whilst preventing muscle pain and cramping as water lubricates joints in the body.

DOWNLOAD your FREE 30 day water challenge tracking sheet.

2l water challenge free printable


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