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5 Tips to Grow Hair Faster

If you’re on a mission to find out the fastest ways to grow hair longer and faster, then applying these five simple tips to your daily hair care routine, can really help boost the hair growth process. 

#1: Drinking 2 Litres of Water Per Day

Drinking the daily recommended amount of water per day will help your body and scalp to function and absorb essential nutrients much more efficiently.  Quicker absorption of nutrients help boost hair growth, thus improving the overall condition of your scalp and hair.  


Cordina Hair decided to put the 2L of water per day challenge to the test and the hair growth results were simply amazing!  Pictured below, is our Creative Director, Yanika Cordina.  Yanika’s hair grew 4cm longer in just 30 days after drinking 2L of water daily.   If you’re interested in taking on the challenge yourself, we have created a FREE water challenge sheet that you can download and print at home. 

Yanika Cordina 30 day water challenge.JP

#2: Taking Daily Hair Supplements

A poor diet can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. It can also lead to hair loss.  Take a look at your overall diet and see which food you may need to eliminate or introduce. If you feel you are lacking certain nutrients, you may want to consider taking a vitamin deficiency test to see which nutrients and vitamins you may be deficient in. The vitamins essential for healthy hair growth are: Vitamin D, Biotin (vitamin B7), Vitamin A and Iron.


Supplementing your diet with hair vitamins can really help nourish your scalp with essential nutrients.  Hair supplements help improve the appearance of your hair, promote new healthy hair growth and help maintain great looking skin and nails.  The trick here is to take hair vitamins on a daily and ongoing basis.  Many women don’t notice any results until after 3-6 months of continuously taking them.  Here are our top hair supplements that you may want to consider taking: Biotin tabletsViviscalPerfectil.  


Picture by @Viviscal

Awaken those lazy roots, improve scalp circulation and blood flow towards your hair follicles, by incorporating a daily 5-minute head massage.  The inversion method is term used when massaging your scalp in a downward position rather than upright.  This method of head massaging is meant to be more effective, because there is more blood flow running through your scalp.  Sit somewhere comfortably and tilt your head forward and massage your scalp thoroughly including the front and the back of the scalp. Make sure your hands are clean and free from oil, cream or dirt before massaging your scalp!

#4: Applying Castor Oil Weekly

Castor oil contains omega 6 essential fatty acids and is high in vitamin E, making it an excellent source of nutrition for your scalp, which helps stimulate your hair follicles and enables you to grow hair faster as a result.  This hair growth oil is very thick in consistency, so we do recommend blending it with another oil for easier application.  You can mix the oil with coconut oil, avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil. 


Our Creative Director at Cordina Hair, took on the Castor Oil Challenge for 30 days, and the results were pretty impressive.  Yanika applied the castor oil mix to her scalp, 6 times in 30 days. She blended the castor oil with coconut oil and added a quarter of a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder (which is a spice known to boost hair growth). Leave on your scalp for at least one hour or overnight and then wash your hair as normal. If you’re interested in taking the challenge, make sure you download our FREE Castor Oil Challenge Sheet, which you can download and print at home. 

Before and after castor oil hair growth.

#3: The Inversion Method

#5: Treat your Hair with love!

Long hair ain’t pretty if it’s damaged and fried! Stay away from heated hair tools, hair colouring, bleach and harsh chemicals.  Growing hair faster can also mean that you get to trim off those dry, brittle ends sooner!   Giving your hair a good trim can really make your hair look fuller and healthier, especially if you go for a straight cut.  Apply weekly hair masks to hydrate and moisturise your locks and opt in for heatless hair styling options instead.

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