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We are looking for:  Customers who already LOVE our products.

We want to shine a light on YOU and keep our content genuine and true to whoever comes across us. 

❌️ We will NOT be accepting applications from creators who are not customers at this time. 

✅️You own either the Flower Curl or the Waver Bun

✅️Make sure you're following us so we know we have the right person when we look you up! :)

✅️We encourage you to have your profile public.  We are looking for diversity and we will be checking your social media.

✅️We want to include a variety of hair types and lengths so if we are able to see your hair in your existing content that would help us in our decision making process.

✅️You have a secret creative side to you.

✅️No professional filming set up required

✅️You are able to film using a phone 

✅️You are able to follow campaign details

✅️Able to meet deadlines

✅️Able to communicate effectively (helps you getting re-booked!)

✅️Able to create clear videos

✅️Happy to show your face 

✅️You get paid our fixed rate for supporting us.

This opportunity is perfect for those who want to start their UGC journey, earn money as you go along, whilst supporting a brand that you already love!

Are you a customer? We would love to hear from you!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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