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7 Tips for Silky Hair

Transforming Dry Hair into Silky Hair

Our hair structure is extremely fragile and Hair loses its shine and silkiness for a variety of reasons.  If you are looking to improve the look and feel of your tresses, then these 7 tips will help you transform dull / dry hair into silky, healthier looking mane.

#1: Look at Your Overall Diet 

As the saying goes:  You are what you eat.  If your hair is looking rather dull, dry and damaged, you may want to look at your overall nutrition intake first and see which areas of your diet needs improving.   Don’t forget to also look at your daily water intake and whether you need to supplement your diet with additional vitamins.  It’s always worth taking a vitamin deficiency test to see whether you are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. 

#2: A Good Hair Styling Routine Is a Must

If you tend to use hair straighteners and curling tongs on a regular basis to style your hair, you can't expect your hair strands to remain in tip top condition, even if you’re using heat protectant products.  Heat sucks all the moisture out of your hair, leaving you with rough cuticles, brittle and coarse looking hair. Give your tresses a break from heat and opt in for heatless hair styling options instead. 


If you love the idea of waking up with heatless waves or bouncy curls without the damage, you may want to consider trying the Flower Curl.  This overnight hair curler is excellent for busy women who are looking to wake up with bouncy hair without the damage.

#3: Protect Your Hair Against Damage with Hair Oils and Serums

Hair oils and hair serums help prevent damage by creating a protective layer around each hair follicle. When we don't apply hair oil, our tresses are simply more prone to damage and you'll end up noticing more breakage and split ends. Invest in a good quality hair oil that penetrates and seal the hair cuticle at the same time, such as argan oil.  When applied regularly, you should start noticing an improvement to the quality of your hair, less breakage, split ends and improved shine.


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#4: Apply Weekly Hair Masks to Seal in Moisture

Apply weekly hair masks to help seal in moisture and smooth out the cuticles. Here is an effective, moisturising DIY hair mask for dry and damaged hair. All you need is three ingredients, which you can easily find in your kitchen cupboard or at the grocery store.


- Avocado oil 

Avocado oil is truly amazing for your hair as it contains over 20 vitamins and minerals that can really help nourish your hair cells, smoothing out the hair follicles and preventing damage and hair dryness. It also helps against hair loss. 

- Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil is high in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that will help keep your hair follicles healthy and in good condition. It also promotes healthy hair growth and it is a great moisturiser for your hair, which will help prevent further damage, breakage and split ends. 

- Runny Honey (or Manuka Honey)

Honey is a great humectant and will help seal in moisture. The best type of honey that you can buy is the Manuka Honey, which comes from the Manuka flowers in New Zealand.  It is full of antioxidants, seals in moisture, strengthens your hair follicle and keeps your scalp healthy.  Manuka Honey comes in solid form at room temperature and has got quite a thick consistency to it. Add all 3 ingredients together and warm it up for easier application.  Make sure that the mixture doesn’t feel hot to touch. Apply the warm hair mask to your scalp and hair and leave in for about an hour minimum. Then wash your hair as normal and enjoy the amazing benefits of this highly moisturising hair mask. 

#5: Wash Hair Less

If you tend to reach for the shampoo more than twice a week, you may be washing your hair a little too frequently! Shampoo is excellent at removing grease and dirt sitting on your scalp and your hair, which can leave your hair feeling very dry, coarse and frizzy! 

You may want to consider skipping a few hair washes and let your hair get a little greasy!  This may sound a little daunting at first, and it can take a little while to get used to, but your natural hair oil is by far the best conditioner for your hair.  Its main purpose is to condition and protect your hair from damage. Brush your hair from root to tip to help distribute those oils and coat each hair strand with your scalp’s natural oil. 

boar bristle brush

Boar Bristle Brush | Amazon

#6: Avoid Bleach or Excessive Hair Colouring 

Bleach causes irreversible damage to your hair cuticle and it can really leave your hair looking dull, dry and damaged.  Keep a track of how often you colour / bleach your hair and if your hair is lacking the shine and softness you're after, it's probably time to give your hair a break from hair colouring. 

#7: Avoid Hair Friction During Sleep 

Overnight hair friction is one of the main causes for hair damage.  If you tend to wake up with dry hair in the morning, you may want to consider a few hair care products that help avoid hair tension during the night.  

Start off by choosing an appropriate hairstyle for bed. We recommend using the Flower Curl, as this sits nicely across the top of your scalp allowing you to roll from side to side without feeling discomfort.  Putting your hair up and away from your face and ears will help avoid unnecessary hair friction during the night.  This hair tool also happens to create the most luscious curls overnight, so you don’t have to worry about styling your hair with heat in the morning!

Investing in a good quality silk pillow case can also improve the quality of your hair, avoid friction and hair dryness overnight. 

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