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Beach Waves for Long Hair - HEATLESS CURLS

Beach waves without the heat and without dipping your hair into salty water?  Yes please! The beach waves hair look has always been one of the most popular hair trends to go for.  It’s a summery look that never gets old and one that is popular all year round.  If you’re looking to create those perfect loose curls on your long hair, then you’re going to love this simple hair curling technique that will not only look pretty once set but it is also heat and damage free!  No curling iron, straightener or beach required!

Beach Waves that Last

If your hair struggles to hold a curl or you’re trying to avoid heat and hair damage, going down the heatless hair styling route, is probably the best option for you.  Curling your hair overnight with the right too, will help your loose curls last longer the following day.  In this beach waves hair tutorial we will be using the Flower Curl® technique to achieve those soft loose curls you’ve been dreaming of.  

beach waves

#1: Prepare Hair Tools

For this beach waves hair tutorial, you will need the following:

Flower Curl: Prepare the hair curler by leaving two rings attached to the hair donut.

Bobby Pins: The curler comes with a pack of bobby pins.  We will be using these to secure the hair in place.


Hairbrush: We recommend using a detangling brush to remove any tangles before wrapping your hair in the curler. 


Water Spray Bottle: Spritzing some water onto dry hair will help the loose curls to last longer. If you don’t have a water spray bottle, you can pour some water onto a small bowl instead. 

#2: Prep Your Hair

flower curl.png

Make sure your hair is completely dry.   Brush your hair thoroughly to remove and tangles and spritz some water on the length of your hair. You only need a little bit of water, so your hair shouldn’t feel wet or damp.  This helps the loose curls to last longer the following day

#3: Twist Back the Front Sections of Your Hair

Grab the front sections of your hair, gently twist back and secure with a couple of bobby pins.  

how to get beach waves 2.png
how to get beach waves 3.png

#4: Position the Flower Curl at the lower back of the scalp

Insert your hand through the curler, grab your hair into a low ponytail and position the curler at the lower back of the scalp. Insert a bobby pin through the middle donut, to secure the Flower Curl in place.

how to get beach waves 5.png
how to get beach waves 6.png

#5: Split Hair into Two and Wrap

After you have the curler nicely secured at the back. Divide your hair into two equal sections.  Grab the first section of hair through one of the rings and wrap around it.

how to get beach waves 8.png
how to get beach waves 9.png

#6: Secure the Hair in Place with Bobby Pins or claw clips

Do not wrap the section of hair all the way to the end.  Leave a long-ish tress and insert the first bobby pin.  This helps to keep the hair in place.  Wrap remaining tress and clip the end with a claw clip. You now have a finished hair ring! 

How to get beach waves 14.png

#7: Leave in Overnight or During the Day

If you’re new to the Flower Curl, you’d be pleased to hear that the hair curler is comfortable enough to sleep in every night if you wanted to, so you can enjoy your beauty sleep without discomfort.  If your hair struggles to hold a curl,we recommend to leave the Flower Curl in your hair overnight or for at least 6 hours during the day. 

#8:  Unravel Heatless Beach Waves!

Remove all bobby pins, unravel your hair from the Flower Curl and enjoy your heat and damage free beach waves!  

how to get beach waves
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