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Best Hairstle for Gym, Yoga and Sports

We have found that wrapping your hair in the Waver Bun during a workout will make hair:


  • feel LESS sweaty

  • feel LESS dry

  • look more FRESH as opposed to ponytails & other buns


The Waver Bun

  • does NOT pull at the roots like a typical ponytail would

  • does NOT leave dents in hair

  • creates heatless waves

We have found that hair feels less sweaty when worn in the Waver Bun. Once the hair is wrapped inside the Bun this stops the length of your hair from touching a sweaty neck/back or shoulders.


We also found that ponytails tend to get adjusted more during a workout which means more hair touching and more hair oiliness especially if the hands are sweaty/dirty from a work out.


Overall, the hair looks more fresh with the Waver Bun and no dents are left after wearing the hair tool as opposed to typical hair ties with the added benefit of achieving heatless waves one removed. 

This of course does depend on the type of workout you're doing, however do keep in mind that frequent hair washing can really dry your hair out and sometimes all the hair needs is a water rinse to remove the sweat or a suitable hairstyle like the Waver Bun to help skip unnecessary hair washing.

P.S. We recommend to pin down the bun for a secure hairstyle during a workout. 

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