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6 Secret ingredients that replace harsh store bought shampoos.

Ditch harsh, damaging & drying ingredients from store bought shampoos & shampoo your hair with our gentle formula for healthier hair.

Gentle Shampoo Recipe includes information on each ingredient, convenient links to suppliers, hair washing calendar and step by step picture instructions on how to create your shampoo in just a few minutes!

Simply add the PDF to cart, enter code: GREEN at checkout and a FREE copy will instantly be sent right to your inbox. 

  • Say goodbye to harsh store bought shampoos that damage your hair

  • 6 ingredients to create your own gentle shampoo at home

  • Where to find listed ingredients (includes convenient links!)

  • How to reset your hair the right way 

  • What you should never do with homemade beauty recipes

  • You need foam to properly cleanse hair, right? Wrong!

  • Have you been using hair silicones wrong? (And does it really matter?)


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