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How to Create Heatless Curls

The Quick, Easy & Comfortable Way

Ditch the heat and create beautiful longer lasting curls with the Flower Curl. More women are concerned about the condition of their hair and are looking for ways to create beautiful hairstyles without causing long term damage to their hair.  


Heated hair tools suck all the moisture out of our hair, leaving our strands looking brittle, dry and damaged.  Many women end up investing in numerous hair care products just to try and help repair or conceal the damage caused by heat, but what many don't realise is that once the hair follicle is damaged, it is impossible to bring it back to its healthy original state.  If your hair is screaming for some TLC and would like to style your hair without heat, then you might want to ditch the heated tools and opt in for heatless hair curling solutions instead.


Heatless Curls

After testing different heatless hair curling options, we realised that many of these techniques share a variety of common characteristics.  Many of these solutions required numerous components, which made the curling process a very lengthy one! 


The size of the components were either bulky or came in shapes that were simply uncomfortable to wear and impossible to sleep in.  We also found that some of these techniques are too difficult to master and the curling results were not as bouncy as we hoped!  So, we decided to come up with our own heatless hair curler, the Flower Curl®.

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About the Flower Curl®

The Flower Curl® is a patent protected heatless hair curler, designed to be worn overnight.  It is made and shipped from the UK and we deliver worldwide straight from our website.  It is suitable for both fine and thick hair and comes in two different versions:  The 4 ring version - suitable for fine and medium thick hair and the 5 ring version is suitable for women with thick hair.


The sleep curler is soft and lightweight, it is made from soft foam and will sit nicely across the top of your scalp, allowing you to roll in your sleep or get on with your day to day activities, without having the curler getting in the way.


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The rings are detachable and the user is therefore able to detach or attach the rings to the middle donut to create different hair curling results and volume. It is easy & quick to use, will cause no damage and will gently create beautiful heatless curls whilst you sleep. 


Due to the shape and size of the curler, you will also be able to sleep comfortable with it on, roll from side to side and enjoy your beauty sleep without discomfort.  The overnight curler can be used on different hair lengths including:

> armpit length hair

> mid back length hair and

> waist length hair.  


If in doubt, please view our Flower Curl hair length guide.

the only heatless hair curler you'll eve


Since our Flower Curl launch in November 2018, the heatless curler has been busy making women feel and look beautiful - Read Flower Curl Reviews.  We regularly receive emails, reviews and DMs from customers telling us how the Flower Curl has changed their hair care and styling routine forever. 


If you love the sound of the Flower Curl and would like more information, head over to our Cordina Hair homepage to find out more.


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