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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

Washing your hair too often, can really dry your hair out.  The number of times you should wash your hair, depends on your lifestyle and hair type.  The more you wash your hair, the dryer and coarser it gets.  The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t exceed 2 hair washes per week.  If you are looking to improve the condition of your hair and limit the amount of times you reach for the shampoo, learning how to skip hair washes can really improve the condition of your scalp and the overall look and feel of your hair.

Why Does Hair Get Greasy?

Your scalp creates natural oils to protect and condition your hair.  Natural oils are simply there to condition and provide a protective layer around each hair follicle.  Allowing your hair to get greasy will help keep your scalp and the length of your hair moisturised.  If you tend to wash your hair every day or every other day, you are simply getting rid of these natural oils and you’re not allowing your hair to do its job.  Your scalp will instantly start to produce more oils to replace lost ones and your scalp will start to feel greasy pretty quickly! 


Leaving hair unwashed for too long, can leave a build-up of sebum on your scalp, which may lead to bacteria formation and other scalp related issues, including hair loss.  Getting the balance right is therefore extremely important!

4 Tips to Skip Hair Washes

#1: Hair Brushing

Make sure you brush your hair daily so that your hair oils don’t sit and remain on your scalp. Instead, brush from root to tip so that your natural oils are nicely distributed to the rest of your hair.  Boar bristle brushes are known to do this job amazingly well.  A good quality bristle brush will also collect any excess oils and dirt sitting on your hair onto the brush.  Just make sure you keep the boar brush clean by washing it frequently.  

boar bristle brush

#2: Put Your Hair Up Or Away from Your Face

Hair touching can make your hair feel super greasy at the roots and dry at the ends. Make up, face creams, oils and hand moisturisers can all make your hair feel and look greasy, especially if you tend to let your hair down all the time.  Try easy half up half down hairstyles, putting your hair up or plaiting it to make it look neat and tidy.  When your roots start to get greasy, brush your hair from root to tip with a boar bristle brush to help skip a hair wash or two.

hair curler, flower curl, heatless hair

#3: Rinse Hair With Water Instead of Shampoo

If you have an active lifestyle, you might find that you wash your hair more often.  Sometimes we think our hair is dirty when it isn’t.  Rinse your hair with water to remove any sweat or dirt sitting on your scalp.  Don’t forget to add conditioner to the mid and lower sections of your hair.  

#4: Try Co-Washing

A simple yet effective technique where you eliminate shampoo completely and opt in for a cleansing conditioner instead.  Co-washing simply means – conditioner washing.  Using a cleansing conditioner will still be able to remove grease and dirt from your hair and scalp, however instead of stripping the natural oils away, you are simply cleansing your locks with natural ingredients, such as essential oils, botanicals and extracts.  If you like the sound of co-washing, you might want to check out the following products:

Need some help tracking your weekly hair washes? Download our FREE Hair Washing Tracker Sheet.  The PDF is designed to help you track & skip hair washes, and help improve the overall condition of your scalp and hair. 

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