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High Pollen Flowers for a balcony

Creating a Pollinator Garden in Your Balcony or Small Patio

High Pollen Flowers for a balcony

Did you know that creating a pollinator garden on your balcony or small patio is not only easy and enjoyable, but it also helps to increase the abundance of pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds in your local environment? These beautiful creatures are essential for pollinating plants and ensuring food security.

Here is a list of the top 10 flowers that attract high levels of pollinators for your balcony or small patio.

This tall, graceful flower is great for attracting bees and other beneficial insects. They come in a variety of colors from white to pink to red.

This low-growing perennial attracts both hummingbirds and bees with its tubular flowers. It blooms throughout the summer and comes in shades of pink, purple, blue, white, and yellow.

A favorite among bees, zinnias are colorful annuals that come in many shapes and sizes. They bloom from late spring through fall and will attract many types of pollinators all season long if deadheaded regularly.

Dahlias have large, showy flowers that come in an array of colors from white to orange to purple. Bees love them!
Marigold: These cheerful annuals bloom all summer long with bright yellow or orange flowers that attract many types of beneficial insects like ladybugs and hoverflies as well as bees and butterflies.

Not only does this fragrant herb attract bee pollinators; it also repels pests like aphids! Lavender blooms throughout the summer months with lavender-colored flowers that smell wonderful when brushed against or cut for use in bouquets or sachets.

These tall annuals are great for attracting bees with their bright yellow petals surrounding dark centers filled with nectar-rich pollen! Plus they’re fun to watch grow!

Coreopsis is an easy-to-grow perennial that attracts bees with its bright yellow daisy-like flowers that bloom continuously all summer long into early fall if deadheaded regularly!

This low-growing perennial has beautiful light purple flowers that bloom from late spring until late fall attracting both hummingbirds and bees alike! Plus it has a pleasant minty scent when cut fresh for bouquets or dried for use later on!

Aster : Asters come in many colors including blues , purples , whites , pinks , yellows , oranges , reds ! They bloom late summer into early autumn attracting many types of beneficial insects including bumblebees !

With just these few simple steps you can create a beautiful pollinator garden on your balcony or small patio! By planting these specific types of plants you can help increase the population of pollinators like bumblebees, butterflies and hummingbirds! All while enjoying the beauty they bring to your space.

Not only will they provide food sources but also add color & texture to any balcony or small patio setting.
Whether you choose one type or mix several together you’ll be sure to reap the rewards & benefits associated with creating such a special sanctuary for our tiny friends.

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