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biotin for hair growth

I have always been a little obsessed with hair vitamins. Over the years, I have tried endless amount of different hair supplements, however I always seem to revert back to the standard biotin tablets. I think they are generally very affordable, the tablets are usually small and I still see an overall improvement to the structure and quality of my hair strands as well as improved hair growth when I use them consistently and for a long period of time.

What is biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble B Vitamin known to support the maintenance of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. It is also a vital nutrient required during pregnancy as it contributes towards healthy embryonic growth.

Having this vitamin as part of your daily diet will help improve the keratin infrastructure of skin, hair and nails whilst feeding your scalp with the necessary nutrients which will help improve scalp circulation and the overall quality of your hair, thus increasing hair growth.

Biotin for hair growth

If you are looking to start taking Biotin tablets or other hair supplements, it is recommended to take them for at least three to six months to see results. When taken regularly, you should start noticing an improvement to the quality of your hair as well as increased hair growth, thanks to the additional nutrition that you are feeding your scalp.

Tip: If you are really serious about growing your hair longer and want to see some amazing results, you should always combine biotin supplements with a healthy well-balanced diet, regular daily exercise as well as drinking two litres of water per day. Drinking enough water everyday will aid in better absorption of nutrients thus increasing hair growth and overall health.

Best biotin supplements

When we think of biotin, we usually think of biotin tablets, however it can also be found in eggs yolks, organ meats such as liver and kidney, nuts, legumes, wholegrains, mushrooms, cauliflower and bananas. (R1). If you feel you’re not taking enough biotin in your diet, you could take supplements to ensure you’re taking the recommended daily dosage of biotin.

When choosing biotin supplements, look how potent it is and if you’re unsure which dosage to go for, always seek advice from your GP. You can find biotin tablets that offer extra strength, these are typically advertised as 10,000mcg or 12,000mcg. You can also find biotin tablets that are less strong and these are typically 300mcg (micrograms).

Best hair vitamin supplement for hair growth

Biotin is considered to be one of the best hair vitamins for healthy skin, hair and nails. Many hair supplements include biotin in their formula as one of the key ingredients, however taking biotin on its own is still very beneficial and many women claim to have seen amazing hair growth results and/or an improvement to the quality of their hair.

Track your daily biotin supplement intake with this FREE Tracker sheet

Forgetting to take your daily supplements is simply annoying. I am guilty of this and I find it so frustrating, but I have since created a FREE Hair Supplement Monthly Tracker that you can download and use every month.

If you are a little forgetful or you always seem to wonder whether you have taken yesterday’s tablets or perhaps the idea of a free tracker sheet gets you all excited, then you’ll find this FREEBIE really helpful.

I tend to have the tracker sheet on my bed side table together with my biotin tablets and every night before I go to bed, I take my hair supplements and make a note on the tracker sheet. Just make sure you have a pencil to hand!

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hair supplement tracker printable