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7 Benefits of Using a Boar Bristle Brush

With so many hair brushes on the market, it is literally impossible to decide which one is best. However, there is something unique and special when it comes to boar bristle brushes!

Why use a boar bristle brush and are they cruelty free?

There are many benefits as to why you should start brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush and yes, you can buy one that is cruelty free (links to boar bristle brushes below). The hair is removed from the boar when it is long enough to be trimmed, similar process to when sheep need their coats trimmed.

Please note, that the company GranNaturals was contacted and asked about the process of how they do this, they explained that the process was cruelty free and the boars are not harmed in the process. If you wish to contact the company, please get in touch with Gran Naturals to find out more.

Cruelty free Boar Bristle Brush

7 Benefits of using a boar bristle brush

#1. Boar brushes are gentle on your hair and will not pull your tresses when done correctly.

#2. A boar bristle brush conditions your hair by distributing your natural oils evenly. A natural conditioner that many women choose to wash away with shampoo way too frequently. If your scalp tends to get oily a little too fast, instead of reaching for your shampoo, grab a boar bristle brush and brush your natural oils from root to tip.

#3. Using your natural oils as a conditioner also means more shine and hair pliability. If you suffer from dull, dry ends, then you must start distributing those oils, by brushing your hair with the right hair tool. Your hair's natural oil is the perfect conditioner and sealant for split-ends and dry wispy ends!

#4. A boar bristle brush is amazing at removing excess oils and dirt that may be sitting on your hair. After each use, you'll notice a build up on your boar brush. This is proof that your new brush is doing what it's supposed to be doing. It is important to clean your boar brush regularly to avoid putting those oils and dirt back onto your lovely hair! Click to learn how to clean your boar bristle brush.

#5. Your hair will become amazingly soft. And that's mainly because your are brushing your natural oils from root to tip and distributing these oils evenly. You will love the feel of your hair even after one use.

#6. If you lack volume, a boar bristle brush will certainly give you that! Flip your hair over and brush your hair thoroughly. Once done, flip your hair back and BAM! Voluminous hair in no time.

#7. Have you heard of the no-poo method? It's basically a term used for when people decide to stop washing their hair with regular shampoo. There is a transition period where you go from an insanely oily scalp to a naturally balanced scalp. A boar bristle brush will come in very handy to distribute these oils and manage those over-productive sebaceous glands. Washing your hair too frequently cause your sebaceous glands on your scalp to produce too much oil.

How to brush your hair using a boar brush

1. The best way to brush your hair is to first remove any tangles. You could do this either by running your fingers through your hair or by using a detangler or a wide tooth comb.

2. Once your hair is tangle free, start sectioning your hair into small manageable sections. I recommend starting from the bottom of your scalp moving outward. The hair at the apex should be brushed last. Brush each section from root to tip. This way you are distributing your oils evenly and you are also getting your ends moisturised with your hair's natural oils.

3. Once you've finished brushing all sections, flip your hair over and brush all your hair again from root to tip. When you flip your hair back, you'll temporarily look like a wild lion. Brush your hair into place and you're done!

How to clean your boar bristle brush

Click to find out how to clean your boar bristle brush and how often you should do this.


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