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My entrepreneurial journey started after years of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I finished school at 16, never went to college and then failed to get in to my local college for vocational courses.


I worked the night shift as a production worker and then braved a solo move to the UK at the age of eighteen on a quest for greater opportunities; starting as a checkout girl to becoming a PA.


There came a point in my career where I felt completely stuck. I needed extra income to help with my expenses. My boss declined my request for a pay rise, I couldn't land a better paid job or a weekend job and so I decided to create my first service based business; Pet sitting & dog walking alongside my full time employment. 

This little business completely took off which led me to leave my full time job and eventually funded the initial stages of the Flower Curl. 


After being turned down by multiple investors and hair companies, my hair tools were launched with no funding behind me.


It takes courage to build a business from scratch with no money and no knowledge, but with the right mindset you can achieve anything you set yourself to, even when all the cards seem to be stacked against you.

I come from humble beginnings but with a lot of energy to make things work.  Life will throw all sort of challenges at you. It's how you deal with them that matters.

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Tiktok - @YanikaCordina

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